Rotary Equipment

Centrifugal Pumps Boiler Feed Water Pumps Reciprocating Pump Centrifugal Compressors (i.e. Gas and Air Compressors) Blower and Fan Screw Type Compressor


Rectifier Charger Solar Battery UPS MV & LV Switchgears 20/6/0.4 KV Transformers


Pipe Plate Tube Valves (Control Valve, On/Off Valve, Safety Valve) Flange

Fixed Equipment

Pressure Vessel  Storage Tank Pig Launcher /Receiver Filter Fired Equipment: Such as Flare, Burner, Incinerator, so on

Control and Instrumentation

DCS ESD F&G Detectors SCADA & HMI PLC and RTU Instrument Tank Gauging System Flow Computer HIPPS Analyzer CEMS